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Asian Cuisine Catering

Breathe new life into your event with TRUE Catering's Asian dishes that travel you to exotic destinations.


The best version of Asian cuisine and the best Sushi: That's all you need to give a luxury & cosmopolitan essence to your events.

Asian cuisine is a true work of art, which requires a lot of knowledge and excellent technique. For this reason, our experienced chefs manage to create flavors and textures with great precision. Each dish has its own culinary character and is made from the best ingredients, ensuring that everything is served to perfection.

From the simple, yet elegant taste of Nigiri and the intensity of Maki rolls, to the special but much-loved Sashimi, a variety of special Asian dishes are available to choose from, celebrating the rich gastronomical history of Asia.

If what you desire is a minimal and elegant menu, that will fascinate its guests with its simplicity and unique flavors, then True Catering's Asian menu will provide every you are looking for

Our favourite dishes

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