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Classic Urban Venues

Modern urban spaces with an elegance from the past, that will give your event a unique ambiance in the heart of Athens.


Classic buildings from another era that will make your event the epitome of elegance.

Museums, art centers, and galleries. These are just some of the classic urban venues that TRUE Catering works with and which will give your event an elegant character.

The specific venues, featuring among others the Hypatia Mansion and the Armed Forces Officers Club, are buildings with a timeless character, that exude elegance, for your corporate events. Whether it is a business conference, an in-house seminar, or the promotion of a new product, our classic urban venues offer the ideal combination of history and modern amenities.

Call us today to recommend the perfect venue for you, according to the character you want your event to have.

See our Classic Urban Venues

Aggelos & Lito Katakouzenos Foundation
Athens Tennis Club
Museum of the City of Athens
Amalias 36 - The Image Gallery
Armed Forces Officers Club LAED
Merope Foundation


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