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Christenings Catering

Modern and personalized menus for your child's most special moment.


Personalized catering services to make your child's christening even more special!

Christening your child is something that only happens once and it is a sacred event! Therefore, the christening reception should be of the highest quality, in order to offer your beloved child precious memories.

TRUE Catering will be by your side, suggesting ideas for both menus and decorations, perfectly tailored to your wishes. Our chefs will offer you a top culinary experience, with wonderful creations. In addition, our freshly squeezed juices perfectly accompany our dishes, and are ideal for both children and adults.

Of course, you will be able to choose both the style and the menu of the reception, choosing between original dishes with top local ingredients, which will take your guests and family on a gastronomical journey. Trust TRUE Catering to make your child's christening day one to remember!

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Our favourite dishes

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