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Ποιοι Είμαστε

About us


TRUE Catering is today’s answer to your catering needs, signed by Radisson Blu Park Hotel and sealed by our 30-year-long experience in the sectors of premium food services and events. Attention to detail, consistency, professionalism, original ideas, knowledge, and expertise on the most demanding aspects of planning are the factors contributing to the immersive experience of a TRUE-ly successful event!

TRUE Catering is your first choice for inspired and original suggestions on the menus, the cocktails, the theme, the music, the decoration, consulting you on every single aspect and detail that really makes the difference while planning your corporate event or private party.

With TRUE Catering, you can welcome your guests at your own space or at one of the premium venues and estates on our long list of partners, carefully selected to live up to our high standards, defined by their unique ambiance, and capable of hosting premium events of up to 3.000 people. Our long-standing excellence and unwavering dedication enable us to plan, organize and execute the most demanding events on the Greek islands or anywhere in Greece.

Brand Philosophy

Brand Philosophy


Whatever the occasion may be, your social function is a Unique Event – and we are here to make your guests feel exactly the same way.


Imagination, artistry and inspiration lie in the heart of our vision. TRUE Catering honors Greek culinary tradition while keeping an eye on all that’s fresh and new in international flavors and techniques. Your holistic catering experience with TRUE Catering is based on open and sincere communication, team work, all the factors that contribute to so much more than just an event. We welcome any challenge and guarantee the success of any function – a priority for us, reflected in our goals:

  • To combine creativity, passion and professionalism in whatever we do.

  • To realize what you visualize for your event.

  • To focus on serving our clients’ unique needs.

The extent of products and services we can provide is constantly updated and limited only by imagination!

Brand Promise

Brand Promise

Nothing less than a holistic catering experience.
You visualize, we realize: Our talented team is dedicated to creating a personalized experience distinguished by its quality. TRUE Catering brings people together around awesome flavors – the stuff great memories are made of! Discover TRUE Catering in a glance.

A flair for global flavors

Taste our updated international menu: Nothing would give us greater pleasure… and the same goes for you! You will love our unique blend of well-known, much-loved flavors and unique Greek-cuisine elements.

Think Greek,

Think Authentic

For a wholesome menu with a flair for the extraordinary, we love bringing out what makes Greek cuisine so extraordinary. Pick your favorite local flavors and amaze your guests!


"Art de la table"... indeed!

Highlighting your unique event through a fitting decoration theme is our belief… and also our art. Coziness, elegance and personalized detail define every single event performed to perfection by TRUE Catering.

Healthy & Mediterranean

Originating from the wealth of Greek and Mediterranean recipes, every single ingredient is handpicked according to our high standards of freshness and quality. This way, we make sure that your plates are healthy and nutritious… as well as downright delicious!


True to you

Working for your event’s success is a true pleasure for us – you can tell by the result! Always there for you with a smile, we are thrilled to offer personalized suggestions and solutions.

Unique events for unique people

Tailor-made to your wants and needs, our team’s ideas and suggestions combine many years of experience and expertise with the knowledge on what’s trending right now internationally. Now, you’ve got the recipe for enjoying your dream event coming true… thanks to TRUE CATERING!

Η Ομάδα

The True Team

Meet the experts: Skill, professionalism and passion for your event’s success – that's how good memories are made!

Event Curator

In charge of planning, putting together the “pieces” of your event as a fascinating “story” for everyone to enjoy! Always there by your side with the right direction and piece of advice, making sure of an outcome worthy of your heart’s desire.

Setting Curator

In charge of planning, putting together the “pieces” of your event as a fascinating “story” for everyone to enjoy! Always there by your side with the right direction and piece of advice, making sure of an outcome worthy of your heart’s desire.

Taste Curator

In charge of the menu, he guarantees that the highest standards of quality and taste are met. In touch with our philosophy of personalized services, our Taste Curator creates a unique recipe for each and every function!

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