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Christmas & New Year's Catering

Delicious dishes for the most ideal end of the year.


If you want to offer your guests the most impressive Christmas and New Year's menus, then we will make your celebrations TRUE-ly special!

TRUE Catering's Christmas and New Year menu is a true explosion of flavors, aiming to celebrate this festive season!

From the traditional turkey stuffed with ground beef, to the more modern salmon & and broccoli tart, we have options for all palates. It goes without saying that the main dishes are also accompanied by side dishes of high quality, such as Newfoundland potatoes with aromatics and coarse salt, and tagliatelle au gratin with four kinds of cheese, bacon, and mushrooms.

Of course, our menu would not be complete without desserts. A Christmassy cake with chestnut and chocolate, mini sweets with syrup and of course the all-time classic honey macaroons and curabiedes, are just some of the desserts that perfectly accompany the Christmas menu.

Our favourite dishes

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